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Upcomming Events From Turkey

November - 2017
24thRELIGION STUDIES '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on ReligionsIstanbul , Turkey
24thTURKEY STUDIES '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Turkey, Turkish Studies and TurkologyIstanbul , Turkey
24thMIDDLE EAST STUDIES '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Middle EastIstanbul , Turkey
December - 2017
1stCUI '17 / V. International Contemporary Urban Issues ConferenceIstanbul , Turkey
8thPOLITSCI '17 / V. International Political Science ConferenceIstanbul , Turkey
15thENTECH '17 / V. International Energy Technologies ConferenceIstanbul , Turkey
February - 2018
23rdECOLOGY '18 / II. International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate ChangeIstanbul , Turkey
23rdCHEMISTRY '18 / II. International Conference on ChemistryIstanbul , Turkey
March - 2018
9thHOUSE & HOME '18 / II. International Interdisciplinary Architecture and Urban Studies ConferenceIstanbul , Turkey
9thLITERATURE, ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN SPACE '18 / II. International Conference on Literature, Architecture and Urban SpaceIstanbul , Turkey
16thPUBLIC HEALTH '18 / II. International Conference on Public HealthIstanbul , Turkey
24th2018 9th International Conference on Computer Technologies and Development (ICCTD 2018)--EI Compendex, ScopusIstanbul , Turkey
24th2018 4th International Conference on Knowledge and Software Engineering (ICKSE 2018)--EI Compendex, ScopusIstanbul , Turkey
April - 2018
6thDESIGN STUDIES '18 / II. International Conference on Design Studies, Fields and MethodsIstanbul , Turkey
13thTERRORISM STUDIES '18 / II. International Conference on Terrorism and Political ViolenceIstanbul , Turkey
27thEDUCATION STUDIES '18 / II. International Conference on Education and LearningIstanbul , Turkey